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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

胶原百合豆奶 Up Collagen Soya RM45-15 sticks x 30 g / pouch

Pollution- free and ‘Green Food’ certified.
•Added with plant collagen, and lilium bulb extract patented in Japan, Germany, Taiwan 
•Rich in vitamins, proteins and nutrients. 
•With Inulin and Oligofructose helps promote calcium absorption, an alternative, healthier sweetener that exhibits 30-50% of sugar taste 
•NO bean taste 
•NO preservatives 
•Save and Hygienic

胶原百合豆奶 结合了胶原蛋白和百合萃取,这款豆奶是热卖款~!!

这款豆奶不能用热水泡哦~ 因为胶原蛋白会结块。用室温开始冲泡就可以了~

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