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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lullabelle Soap Making Classes♥♥♥ON GOING

No.1: ♥RM680♥Almighty Professional Soap Making Workshop (APSPW) (全能手工皂专业课程) ♥4 workshops (1-4 persons) 一人即可開班, 最多4人. ♥1 day course (11am-6pm)
Workshop 1: Marseilles Soap《法國馬賽皂》
Workshop 2: French Clay Soap 《法國泥皂》
Workshop 3: Happy Swirl Soap《渲染皂》
Workshop 4: Goat Milk Soap/Breast Milk Soap《羊奶/母乳皂》
Details (詳情請參閱) :HERE
  No.2: ♥RM550♥Happiness Mother Milk / Breast Milk Soap Making Workshop (幸福媽媽母乳皂課程) ♥3 workshops (1-4 persons) 一人即可開班, 最多4人. ♥4 hours course ( Weekday 8pm~12am or Weekend 9am~1pm)
Workshop 1: Baby Marseilles Mother Milk Soap《馬賽母乳皂課程》
Workshop 2: Happy Swirl Mother Milk Soap《渲染母乳皂課程》
Workshop 3: Herbal Balm/Insect Bite Balm《天堂然紫草膏/驅蚊香膏》

Details (詳情請參閱) :HERE
  No.3: ♥RM250♥Joyful Soap Making Workshop (快樂手工皂课程) ♥ 1 workshop (2-6 persons) 兩人即可開班, 最多6人. ♥2 hours course ( Weekday 8pm~11pm or Weekend 9am~12pm)
Lists of Joyful Soap Making Workshop (手工皂课程選擇列表) Pick Your Favorites & Learn! Goat Milk Soap《羊奶皂》 Quirky Egg Soap《蛋皂》 Marseilles Soap《法國馬賽皂》 Happy Swirl Soap《渲染皂》
French Clay Soap 《法國泥皂》 Honey Soap《蜂蜜皂》 2 Layer Soap《雙層皂》 Hair Soap《洗髮皂》
Purple Breast Milk Soap《紫草母乳皂》 Calendula Breast Milk Soap《金盞母乳皂》Details (詳情請參閱) :HERE
♥All Workshops Includes Material, Light Refreshment & Special Certificate! 
♥ Full Payment in Advanced FREE 1 Special Workshop (*Only for No.1 & No.3 only)! 
Date & Time (課程時間) :Weekday 8pm onward & Weekend (週六或週日 or 週一至週五 (晚上八時開始))
Venue (上課地點)"Lulla Belle Dreamland" Bayan Villa Bukit Serdang
 Email: or SMS/call Patty: 019-2171015.
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